Story of my life : career - transition

Story of my life career - transition is motivated by the desire to help and heal.
Born into a medical family bonding and relationship to all people in the family , in the neighborhood, in the close living and working environment are familiar to me .
Even as a child I was preoccupied the thought of how it is that children with disabilities have such a joyful attitude to life and other children who have relatively no visible handicaps , have such a negative .
So I went on my way and studied physical and mental handicaps. I was a nurse's aide , physiotherapist and psychologist .
I am fascinated by the effects of mental balance to the body , body language , his emotions as they solidify in the body and internalize .
This made me curious as to continue to identify and implement with awareness in language and movement .
I was body -oriented Gestalt therapist and learned a lot about the conscious perceptions that expresses every thought in the body. This now I would like to put together and realized it needs the attention of the entire environment , the family, the workplace and the company. It needs the contexts of how life works in groups .
I was healing practitioner for psychotherapy, social therapist for addiction work / Systemic Family Therapist and Social Systemic consultant.
Longed to do things that were unusual - Become Gear: This it is that I after working with patients from the hospital, physiotherapy practice , psychotherapy , counseling and private counseling practice for counseling, coaching and therapy I was not alone .
I missed the real thing in life :
What I strive for real?
What do I align myself ?
What am I here in this world ?
I missed everything related sense. I was in a spiritual crisis and realized that I have created this crisis itself , to realize that it can not go on .
It is not enough to communicate my knowledge in individual and group coaching, seminars, workshops, teaching and training.
It is my intention to move people , to make them familiar with their inner essence , to lead them to himself , they live with it and to learn to love .
Instead I took my fellows, patients, clients and customers in my focus, I took me into focus :
I pulled myself consciously serious and could learn in crisis, what it means to come from a torn back into unity with itself .
It is hard and difficult to recognize that so much destruction , turmoil , sadness, anger , violence and abuse , and yet it is exactly what it enabled me in all this ei.en for all coherent sense to find : For my Will , as I am, how I became , in what world I am now born into, to get out of being torn back into the unit :

I am Jhamala : The knower of the worlds knows about the books that are written in the worlds and now come to the earth , come here in creation and are thus implemented. Thus, this knowledge is available for you now .
Existing knowledge is in me and through me for you to experience , learn, be felt and perceived.
This world of creation is infinite , in which I find for you what you need at this moment, in this moment of your life .

The access which allows me to do , my actions after the Divine Principle , the origin of the legal order , the law of legality : The 8th Chakra .
This level of legality allows me to put you on the path which is the one in your world that is for you to go at this moment by my access as a trained Alpha Chi Consultant ® .
In the opening for this level of Divine law everything is possible, without need to go back into old structures.
There are born new structures that will help you in your everyday your life with all the things you really satisfied from your heart of hearts to accept and implement .
I accompany it and point to you in which direction you go, what you can find there, as you go through your experience, then go through and perceive in how you approach each other in your life, and your so-being and to arrive.
It is the feeling of self-dealing Polyphonic - being:
All is well .
"Om namah shivaja . " "Lord, Thy will be done " .

You do not need to belong to a church , a religion , etc. have to .
You can have and be familiar with it. However, this does not constitute a prerequisite
Even if you are not familiar to deal with your life in the Divine law , it is my intention to encourage them to come in itself .
There you can experience your very own freedom , your peace , your joy and your love .

Furthermore, you can feel the love that flows through your body in the energetic healing with my learned Method: Light Healing:

Healing with the Divine Light : Prema .
This is the highest energetic vibration that can make your body in the experience of the divine light.
As I have learned how this method : light healing - has brought me back into my bodies back to me in my roots in my body , I want to offer this to you as a light healer.

I feel love.
I am love.

For you
In Love Your Jhamala

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