Jhamala has the knowledge to touch people in a physical, psychological and spiritual way. Her ability to connect with you in a deep understanding of human feelings and deep emotions.

Wether you are struggling in your live, don't feel well, knowing there is something wrong, Jhamala can show you the way to get rid of old believed patterns and structures in your past life.

She focuses you by training your self-awareness, personal growth and wellness in all different layers, that are just open for this moment, this very specific moment in the actual time.

Going through this actual time, she accompanies you with keeping contact to you with her patience, with her compatience, with her knowing understanding the deepness in human being.

Through the constant confidence in her and for you she builds an atmosphere where you can be yourself.

Wether you have physical, psychological or spiritual questions and items, at Jhamala you'll find an excellent paying attention and hearing person, who is educated in many different methods of Psychosocial Therapies, Counselling for families and teams, Educating and Tutorship for students in Osteopathic Medicine. Training entrepreneurs in their leadership skills, understanding and Counselling with the Alpha Chi Feng Shui all systems of in and outdoor space and landscapes and healing with a method from energy in and around your body.

Jhamala's service and empowering your fulfilling your aims got the source in her great awareness of you in the contact with your nature and your themes, what you want and have to solve now.

Please feel yourself invited to come in contact with her by giving her a ring or writing her an email.

In Love

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