Jhamala's NAT(O)URs. Guided walks and talks, rides with bikes or car to our nature's powerplaces in this surrounding areas. - from 60 Min. = 10,- € then each hour 5,- €. 

Meditation. In the morning, in the evening. Come in contact with your individual hearts love. - free of charge -
Jhamala's Reading. Jhamala reads messages that support your actual life for showing solutions. 30 Min. = 60,- €
Clearing your body aura. All your energy bodies will get cleansed from former life-patterns so you can start from now on. 30 min. = 50,- €
Counselling and Consulting for your themes. Each theme is relevant and gets care for focusing on it and going through the processes of solution. 60 min. = 120,- €
Energy Healing and Crystals Healing work. Each work with dense energies understand your inner processes of healing and starts healing. 60 Min. = 90,- €
Pain Treatments. Holistic Therapies with Physiotherapy and Massagetherapy safe the results for your body getting resolution and recovering. 30 Min. = 40,- €
Clearing unhappiness Body Feng Shui. Feng Shui for your body makes solutions and let go your body in holistic processes for wellbeing as harmony and regains your happiness. 30 Min. = 50,- €

Please contact me for further information.

Each Jhamala's services can be booked as one and in a package in advance.

Just tell me your time you can spend on your stay in Jhamala's Guesthouse.

I'm arranging a setting and timelength of sessions that fit in your daily routine due to your issues. Focused on your interest wether you are staying for vacation or have work issues. We will find solutions.

You start your new life by getting counselling and healing in your vacations and your vacant time.

It is possible that the costs for Jhamala's services provided the alternative practitioner according to the rules relating to fees of the "GebüH POS. 19 Psychotherapy" is taken over by your health insurance company.

For private and aid-eligible health insurance, costs for a certain amount usually get applied for their members.

The reimbursement of costs for alternative practitioner in the statutory health insurance is to check in advance in some cases.

Please enquire about your individual potential reimbursement from your insurance company.

I am answering for all your further questions.

"Jhamala's Healing Vacations" and guests could let feel themselves as customers for Jhamala's services with holistic treatments and therapies...

When you'll have finished Jhamala's Healing Vacation here and need further ahead support please feel free just keeping contact with me.

Though your healing vacation get profound results when you do integrate your new experienced lifestyle by coping with your issues in your daily life routine by focusing on your themes.

So you could get counselled and get experienced adapted therapies by distance via Skype as long as you need them.

Your daily life routine will work easily and your wellbeing will grow.

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