The relief from pain so you can sleep peacefully, wake up refreshed and bring good to be handled by the for you everyday life. They perceive as heat is felt , how can intensify your pain, focuses, so I can resolve this in your process of perception. To this end, I ask you specific questions and give you
Feedback from what I perceive, so I 'll go with you in your process of becoming conscious.
The methods that I use, are versatile. After a detailed survey about the history of your pain and my holistic clinical examination of your body do I choose the right methods for you:
My range is:
Acupressure = the specific pressing certain points on your body
Trigger point treatment = melting points are kept at certain points on your body
Methods from the Jin Shin Yutsu = a self-treatment technique that only I use the performers at you , then show you how you touch yourself with your fingers and hands to certain parts of the body, hold and thus can handle themselves.
Faszientechnik = My technique, which I gently solvent for your muscles of their tendons from their painful bond and the stretching rigidity and thus revenues .
Contraction and relaxation technique = My technique that allows you in certain motion sequences aware of your muscles and relax so that your muscles will give your joints again the necessary mobility .

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