Holistic treatment of your body in a conscious awareness of your current complaints, such as back pain, joint pain, painful movement restrictions, after sports injuries and more.

The treatment your body can not be seen in isolation from your everyday life and work requirements. I advise you to the effect that after the clinical examination and history of the possibilities are agreed. Better mobility, promoting your blood circulation, prevention of falls.
The methods I use all the classic physiotherapy techniques:
Motion exercises = conscious learning processes of your movements according to your daily requirements
Classic massage = loosening your muscles to release painful stress related pain.
Hot roll = Using a special technique, a roll of two towels, doused with hot water, body areas are swabbed so that the tissue structures by the stimulus of heat dissolve and relaxation occurs, then in succession also help ease the discomfort.

Price : 30 minutes £20, double treatment 60 minutes £40
Home visits by appointment. Travel allowance £5

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