Jhamala's Storm Trilogy 
Jhamala's Starting Storm 
The storm comes just it has to be: 
To show you the way you could be.
Because the travels for Christmas:
Wait, stop, keep yourself in yourself. 
All the issues can wait some time.
The nature's storm wants you to show: 
Here is something you have to know!
In yourself there is the calmness.
You can be anxious of course. 
The storm makes noises and moves you!
It grows and shows his big power, 
with the rain there are big showers. 
A big case of emergency! 
To respect it, to go with it! 
That this big storm wants to show you.
Be aware and care for yourself! 
So you feel sheltered in yourself. 
Go in this river of your life. 
HE is here, Lord THY will be done. 
Live is the one and one is all. 
OM namah shivaja. 
Jhamala - In The Storm 
Mon 23December 2013 
16-17pm Starting time 
Leysdown-on-Sea, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, United Kingdom 
Jhamala's After-In Storm
To be aware after the storm - 
Feels like to be before the storm. 
The earth is not moving itself: 
It depends from the attraction. 
The wind get its satisfaction: 
It makes noises, shouts very loud!
It is not wanting hurt, but heard! 
No wish explaining, while raining. 
It needs itself the balancing! 
It likes the growing and building. 
It gets the right start more and more, 
Then it can not stop anymore. 
It has to move going faster: 
It needs the right tempo moving! 
No direction!  It's not knowing! 
This status scares the wind itself. 
It needs somebody's decision: 
Where minimising the pressure? 
There has to be space, wideness! 
So it moves without being pressed. 
It likes more room and be opened. 
So it can be free, keeps open. 
It doesn't like then being stopped!
Its pressure makes huge damages.  
Nobody can know what to do:
The wind is coming, calls his will! 
Give it now one straight direction! 
It would keep him calm if knowing. 
The wind has to know where to go. 
Keep direction to areas, 
Where nobody gets just hurted! 
Please dear wind fulfill you one dream!
Bedded in its nature's system: 
All beings want survive the wind! 
The areas want be sheltered. 
That's emergency status: Now!
Be yourself now in this huge wind! 
Decide for the wind like a king! 
His direction it's for itself! 
It will keep him calm: More itself! 
So it gets fully attention, 
Gets most love it ever had knew! 
So it will keep calm more and more: 
It's be loved: The earthwind is born. 
Fri 27th December 2013  
During the storm 01-03am
Leysdown-on-Sea, Kent, United Kingdom
Jhamala's Long Storm
So intensive the time is there.
Be aware all the time and share!
Be very honest to yourself!
This time means being in yourself.
Nobody cares, who doesn't know?!
What's going on these weathers shows!?
Turning, running, tumbling, bumbling, 
Noising, shouting, crying, fighting!
All demolished in this short time!
Nature built once upon a time:
From human beings constructed, 
From animal beings rebuilt.
Agriculture gave nutrition.
The water traffic lines bounded.
The airlines gave the connections.
The economic could grounded. 
Now there is nothing like before. 
People's properties got flooded.
Landscapes couldn't stand the water.
They invited water to come!
The wind's violence demolished.
All the ruins could fly, destroyed!
Can't see the wind at its first time!
You feel it, hear it, be aware!
Its surrounding you can be scared.
Its violence you are aware.
Its power you feel deep respect.
The wind wants to tell you about.
What's going on on Mother Earth? 
Why it's now all over the earth?
It's turning old believed structures?!
It's moving all around your live! 
Shows you another way to go:
New way of thinking and feeling.
New structures has to be rebuild! 
Other ways now has to be tried. 
All it's different as live before!
All brings new chances as before!
But people can't longer afford.
For rebuilding who'll give force? 
Countries, people got hit, damaged! 
Who can afford to support them? 
Is there a balance from the law? 
Which law and who can decide this? 
All look for a solution now,
It's urgent to manage this! How? 
To those, who feel responsible: 
Please do from your heart: Give! Just be!
So all, who got new ideas:
To help and support: Share yourself!
Be aware of their peoples' shock!
So you can write a brand new blog. 
Just be there in your focusing:
Please keep conscious and be aware!
Inform yourself and share with friends! 
It's time not to make new fences! 
You are technical connected. 
With the internet as a globe:
Communicating possible!
All over the world: Yes! It is. 
In the wooden shingles house called "Vil huska" = will be remembered 
Canvey Island, Essex, United Kingdom 
Thu 09th January 2014


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